Tolcarne Exterior 2

Coastal Home Remodelling

The extensive refurbishment and remodeling of a dwelling on the Jurassic Coast at Osmington Mills was undertaken to update and reconfigure both the internal and external aspects of the house, with the aim of better suiting the needs of the family and creating a stronger connection with the surrounding landscape. The house boasts stunning views of the Isle of Portland, Weymouth Bay and the English Channel.

To enhance the engagement with the landscape and changing views, the project included playful additions such as window seats and a large round picture window. These elements provide unique vantage points from which the family can fully appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. Additionally, a muted and simple palette of natural materials was selected to reference the tones and textures of the surrounding landscape and ensure durability in the exposed location.

From conception to completion, a full-service provision was provided, ensuring a comprehensive management of the project. The final result speaks for itself, showcasing the successful transformation of the dwelling. It now harmoniously engages with the scenic surroundings, reflecting the family's requirements and offering a comfortable living space that connects seamlessly with the natural environment.

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